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DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Training course covers the concepts behind network of separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via transport medium that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure. Full Moon's DAS team is trained in comprehensive technical courses that covers the fundamental concepts,  of the DAS and in-building cellular. Full Moon's training covers both indoor and outdoor DAS solutions for the private and public sectors. The primary focus of training is the introduction of concepts, planning, design, effective protocols, system integration, and more importantly, future research directions in the DAS.


Professional DAS verification and commissioning, a critical step in the network testing lifecycle to ensure maximum return on investment for your network.  We have a thorough understanding of each type of DAS deployment model for multiple operators and multiple technologies. The Full Moon team is proficient in completing system verification and commissioning processes for the Tier1 wireless carriers.


Call Testing E911 is crucial to validating the success of integrating a cell site into the network. We at Full Moon have combined years of experience working with PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) all over the Southern, Northern, and Midwest United States. We are equipped with the appropriate test equipment, and knowledgeable with troubleshooting any issues that may arise when ensuring call routing is correctly taking place.


Today’s integration challenges are a function of increasing complexity. Full Moon’s Technicians are being trained to integrate cell sites by professionals who have been in the telecommunications industry for over the past decade. From commissioning SIAD transport to integrating node B’s and e-node B’s, we offer a solution to complete all of the in-betweens of RAN Integration. As our slogan states, we do it right the first time.